Monday, 7 November 2011

Lydia Flower available on Ravelry too!

Here is the second of our free downloads back again on Ravelry  - like the Alice Scarf & Beanie it was first seen in Knit on the Net but hasn't been available for a while.  So we hope you like it and knit away.

here's a little link:

I was having a look at UK Handmade magazine website and found, under the local section was the Hoolala Circus who are hosting a Bicycle Basket Boutique craft fair at Southport Market.  I think it looks fab.  I thought that I could knit a few Lydia flowers for the outside of my bike basket!  Unfortunately I'm away in Manchester that weekend so I can't attend but I think it's a great idea and I'm sorry I can't join in.

Just imagine how much yarn you could fit in that huge basket.

What made me laugh was the list of do's and don'ts. (the apostrophes don't look right there but the whole thing is making me a bit light-headed).

Goods allowed for sale: handmade goods, homegrown vegetables, paintings & art, vintage & collectables (20 years or older), textiles knitting & crochet, homemade cakes & biscuits, and clothing.

Goods NOT allowed for sale: antiquities from ancient burial sites, live animals, body parts, firearms & weapons, poisons & witchcraft, grated goods.

I think a couple of chickens in that basket along with a false leg and an AK47 would look quite interesting.  In fact, I thought I saw someone with a witches hat riding a bike just like that round here on Halloween.

They have a facebook page if you want to like it, you could pop over and have a look at mine too if you like!

Anyway, I think that's enough links to be going on for now, even for a devoted link lover like me!

See you soon


Becks said...

Ooh thanks for telling about this, I would never have known. I might go and take a look :)

Anonymous said...

Love,love loved the AK7 and wooden leg bit! Consider me a blog follower! looking forwards to the next one and the one which will cover Harrogate- I can't wait to go. Have fun in Manchester, see you wednesday!
X fran

lazykate said...

Let me know what it's like Becks, I'm really sorry to miss it. It sounds good fun.

lazykate said...

Thanks Fran - can't wait for Harrogate either. We could have a false leg sticking out of your sunroof if you like!