Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year New Start

It is unbelievably cold in England at the moment and particularly cold in the North West. We are frozen into the canal and can't get down to fill up with water so Himself spends most of his time up and down the garden to the house at the top with a water barrel filling it up. I have to admit my hair may be crawling off my head to wash itself if I don't get a move on. Luckily we have a key to the local showers and I can nip down there later.

The move onto the barge was much more stressful than we thought it would be, with flu and conjunctivitus among two of our afflictions, but we had a lot of support and slowly we are getting things resembling a normal household. (Curtains in the bedroom rather than bin liners will be a bonus!)

Anyway, at the book launch of A Stitch in Time I had a really nice chat with Jane Waller who was very insistent that 4ply is the way forward. You need less so it is economical, which lets face it we could all do with and it is nice to spin with the view of wearing something a least a little bit fitted and feminine rather than waddling round like some kind of michelin man in our chunky chunky knits! So, this is what I am spinning at the moment.

Jinny has a new pattern up her sleeve. It has turned into a little bit of a labour of love and been undone and re-knitted plenty but it seems like she has it beaten into submission. We just need the pattern to be checked and we should be ready to go with it.

So, we're all enthusiastic for new patterns, new fibres etc, lets hope we can avoid freezing to death so we can accomplish some of it! Keep warm!