Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sheepfest & Radio Fame!

What a turn up for the books!  I was at Sheepfest in Clitheroe, Lancashire on Saturday for a festival in the town which involved all the schools and local businesses decorating (wooden) sheep.  We had our own little lamb advertising Lazykate and Bowland Wool.  I don't have any pics unfortunately of Larry, we didn't want other sheep to feel inadequate.  I do however have one of our stall.  This is about five minutes before the heavens opened for the whole bloomin' day.

I also achieved my five minutes of fame playing a sheepy game on Radio Lancashire.  Fame and fortune beckons as they have asked me back next Thursday 19th May for a slot on the afternoon show, doing some spinning and felting.  Feel excited and absolutely horrified in equal measures.  Don't tell anyone tho!

I've dyed some Blueface Leciester and silk fibres, some to sell and some to spin to go in kits.  It's looking good even though I say so myself and it's great to have everything drying so quickly.

One of our patterns on Knit on the Net is this one which was knitted up in a chunky yarn.  I like it but it might be a little bit sudden for a lot of little girls rooms, so I thought of knitting it up in the pink BFL/silk.  If I spin it as four ply, then the cushion would be smaller but nicer I think.  I'll spin it up first and knit it, and as my knitting speed is slow and stop, if you could keep all this information in mind for the next four months!  It will possibly be ready then.

Well seeing as this post is all a bit pinky/purply here is an example of the felt I'll be making at the felting classes we're going to run at Knit-Wise in Ormskirk. I'll post details of times etc as soon as they are finalised. We thought it would be nice to do classes at the weekend, but also run them for mums/girls/nans through the holidays.  It's always nice to have a bit of bonding.

Speak soon

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Please like me

I can't believe time has gone so quickly, but my brain has definitley hit near explosion as I try to get to grips with a new Folksy shop, facebook and stumbleupon.  I'm loving and hating them all in equal measure and spending my days running to check if any more people liked me than five minutes ago.  If I get 25 likes I can do something special, which I haven't worked out yet.

So, if you're passing facebook or folksy, please give my page the once over.  Just think how happy you will make this little sad spinner.  If I can post a link I will.  Just give me a few weeks to work it out.



I'm at Clitheroe castle this weekend, thats the 7th for Sheepfest which sounds like it's good fun.  The town dress up sheep, cardboard ones that is (perhaps real ones too but lets leave that there).

I think this is from one of the local schools.  Bowland Wool will have their own sheep that Rosemary is decorating.  I'll take a photo and post it next time.  It's all very strange.

I'll be selling my handspun wool and also fibres but I also have some lovely knitting needle boxes as well as some kits of my own and also from Bowland Wool.  If theres any room at the table I might even take my wheel so brave people can have a go.

I was interested to see Knit on the Net has been relaunched.  For any who don't know, its on online UK knitting zine which has been published quarterly for a few years now.  Although they are now charging for the patterns they feature, there are archived patterns, which include a few of ours for you to download.

This summer vest is entitled Looby Loo and is knitted from handspun silk.

And this chunky beret, D'arcy Spice is in our Eliza yarn, which is still available now.


Hopefully see you at Clitheroe. (There's a fab sausage shop there too, as if you needed more incentives) x