Friday, 11 November 2011

The launch of the Wrathall Niddy Noddy

This post could change spinning forever! 

Meet Jim - apart from being the cleverest man on earth, Jim is a dab hand in the woodwork department

Now you can see from the picture that this is Jim in the nerve centre/control room and this is where he controls the world  Lately he has been slightly distracted making bobbins, niddy noddies and lazykates for me, which is possibly why Eurozone has gone a little bit to pot.

But!  Have you seen the niddy noddy?

It's made of pine and is incredibly light, so it means that if you're winding a lot of yarn, you arm doesn't become so tired.  He's also put the little ridges to stop the yarn slipping so that you have more control and your measurement is more exact (so if you're selling your yarn, that's a real plus).  And the measurement of two yards is exact.

This one is sold and I had to borrow it back (thanks Marie) to photograph it.  The ladies in our guild were all very enthusiastic and orders are in, but if you would like it, here is a link to my etsy page.

There is a lazykate on the way too, which I'll post asap.

It's very interesting to get an engineers perspective on spinning accessories. As spinners, probably our motivation is the love of the yarn, the fibre or our sheep.  But Jim asked so many questions - why do you do this?  What happens if...?  And so the items he makes answer the questions you don't even realise you ask.  For instance,  Jim said

"The way this lazykate is made means that when you ply from the table, it will fall over.  What do you do about that"

"I ply with the lazykate on the floor."

"Don't you sometimes want to ply with it on the table?"


"What do you do then?"

"I don't"

You see - deep and meaningful conversations, that have come up with some very interesting things made by Jim.  I took his lazykate to the guild on Tuesday and left it in the shop so I haven't got a photograph of it, but I will take one tomorrow and post it on Monday.  It kind of blew our minds a little bit.

Thank goodness he uses his powers for good!

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