Friday, 24 October 2008

People in glass houses shouldn't just let them rot in the soil

Having spent most of the week spinning, I thought I would give my poor arms a rest and get out in the fresh air.

The mooring for our boat is at the side of the field where the owners have very kindly said we can plant a vegetable garden. The family who originally lived there were market gardeners who had glass houses which are now long gone - apart from the glass which is hidden under years of nettles, reeds, all kinds of vegetation, none of which is any use to us. Well maybe the nettles eventually in the form of beer.

So we spent the whole day clearing, rotavating and deglassing a small portion of this three acre field. In a section of it I would like to start a dye garden. But that is away in the ether, in dreams I am yet to have.

Our boat which was due last Friday, no this Friday, no next Friday is still sitting in the boat yard and we are learning patience and how to squeeze past various kitchen appliances that are dotted around our rented house.

Spinning wise, I am working my way through basketsful of blue, interspersing with black and cream alpaca (I Hate Alpaca almost as much as silk but not as much as cotton). The blue is good though - will post pics soon

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Hi all

Welcome to my new blog which hopefully will be the start of many posts! I'm looking forward to you all now being able to post messages so that I know you're out there - something which I realise was difficult before.

I'll be posting the latest goings on with lazykate and getting everything back up to speed plus some pics asap

Look forward to a long and fruitful friendship!