Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Neons

Colours are often what drives textile lovers. Couldn't you just stand and stare at boxes of yarn or ribbons or bolts of cloth?

As a dyer, colours are always exciting, what shall I use, how will they mix, how different will they look when they're spun up or felted?

Now and again, if I have visitors or my daughter friends are over, I might ask them to pick a couple of dyes and have a go of dyeing the fibre. I like to do this because its always interesting to see what other people will put together.  I have my own thoughts on colours, but it's fascinating to see others ideas.

Hence the Hero dyelot. These are shades I would never have out together, I was surprised at my daughters friend Deborah's choices.  I was a little skeptical over how they would look once dried.  I was doubtful whether they would sell.  How wrong was I? They were gone within the first morning, the whole dyelot.  So here they  are again in all their neon glory.  Bearing in mind that neons are right on trend!

So thanks Deborah, just goes to show how it helps to have another point of view!

If you like the look of these fibres, they're here, along with some new more subtle shades


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