Saturday, 2 February 2013

Off again.......

This post starts off as too many seem to, it's been a long time.

Since we last spoke, Christmas has come and gone and it was an incredibly busy time here, we did our best ever craft fair, the amazing Winter Arts Fair at St George's Hall in Liverpool.

The event, where tables are fiercely fought over was every bit as good as was reported and Nic from Feltipedia and I had a ball

In the middle of all the Craft Fairs before Christmas, we also decided to move house, a move which allows me to have my own room for work.  This is a huge relief to my family who were drowning in a sea of yarns, fibre and dye.

Consequently after Christmas I collapsed in a heap and there was nothing doing creatively for quite a few weeks while I slowly came back to the land of the living.

So this is my first blog of the new year, I'll be posting new fibres to the website.  Sorry I've been away, will try my best to be a better blogger!

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