Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spinning to Weave

I love all the different parts of my job, but teaching is a real buzz.  I like to be prepared though and so when I'm doing a new workshop, I like to have a run through to check timings, materials and general smooth running of the day.

So when my friend Suzi said she would be a guinea pig, I jumped at the chance.  In terms of preparing for my forthcoming dyeing day on the 15th February, I could have paid more attention and leant more....but in terms of having a great day gassing with a friend it was a huge success!

Suzi's blog entry of our day is here, her blog is extremely interesting anyway, especially for creative people who suffer with health problems so please take a look.


So with my own dyeing, I've been recreating my Delphinium fibre which is on the website and spinning for a very special item - a gift for my daughter.

I love the petrol blue of this dyelot with hints of purple, looks like this in the pot - a huge collection of intestines!  I often post on Instagram and ask people what they think of my dyes, I really should learn (intestines, baked beans, a big pot of brains)

I've spun it to lacewieght to be woven for a bear, what I hope will become an heirloom.  It's incredibly exciting spinning for something so special.  I can't wait to post the finished article.  I need another shade of yarn to compliment and lift this one, so I'm toying with this shade

I think the golds in this fibre will provide a brighter contrat to the bears body.  I'm itching to get spinning it.  Will post as soon as I have a skein, which could be sooner than I thought (daughter sent home from school sick). Am on nurse duty - which of course involves an afternoon of Night at the Museum

Happy spinning

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