Monday, 27 January 2014

Always Learning

Yesterday's workshop went without a hitch, the ladies and gentleman who came along were lovely as usual. In all the workshops I've done, I can honestly said I've never had a person come who's been awkward, people who spin are generally lovely.

I always learn something though and yesterday was no exception.  Andrew and Carol came all the way over from York, quite a journey to Ormskirk, Andrew because he wanted to learn to spin and Carol because she loved learning new things.

Andrew kissing his yarn (a la fly fishers)

Andrew is an extreme knitter and was probably the only student I have ever had who wanted to spin thicker from the beginning, normally were all determined to spin thinner and thinner until spinning more thickly is a huge task. I kicked myself when I thought I should have checked if there was anything they wanted to learn and then I could have brought along a jumbo flyer! 

So I will be asking you, if you come along for a workshop if there's anything in particular you'd like to focus on and then I can teach you what you need.  Always learning.

Thanks also to Ann and Joy for coming along but who are shyer spinners and shun publicity. Quit right too ladies!  

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Suzy said...

I love this Kate! Extreme knitting, blokes spinning, jumbo flyers (not sure what one is but it sounds dashed cool,)!
Can't wait for my spinning class! ;o)