Thursday, 4 October 2012

Despite the rain, which has been in turns constant and erratic I've managed to get the damson inspired fibres dry.

These fibres are a Bluefaced Leicester/nylon mix and I have to be honest when I say my snob radar was alerted at the mere mention of the word nylon, there may have even been a sneer.  But, having mislaid a whole box of fibre (how?) I came across the BFL/nylon and gave it a go.

To say I love it would probably be an understatement.  The dye has taken to the fibre beautifully, the sheen, almost sparkle is bright and cheery.  Nylon adds a stretch for sock yarn and I would adore socks in this fibre, if anyone's offering. 

These two images show the different way the fibre shows up in these two dyelots

These deep aubergine shades almost hide the sheen of the nylon, but it is there, just more subtle than perhaps this one, where it is obvious.

I can't wait to see these spun up, or felted, imagine the effect of the nylon through the felt?  There are 300g of the deep aubergine fibres, which I've named Juniper available at the website.  The others, are for an exclusive dyelot available soon.  (Probably by the next blog post).

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