Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What a difference a ply makes

Ouch, that's such a nasty pun, I wouln't blame you if you're wincing right now.

I've been dyeing this particular dye shade for quite a few years now.  I first used the shades in the autumn when the blackberries were out and I picked dyes that I thought I could see in the foliage and berries, purples, lilacs and greens.  It's evolved differently every time I've done it, but here it is in two different plys.  The first is a chunky yarn,  (7pi) with thick and thin singles plied together.  I posted (I think) a scarf knitted up in this very yarn.

Today I've just finished plying up the same dye lot as a 4ply, (14wpi) and I'm hoping that this yarn will inspire a local button maker tomorrow.  I'll post some more information when I've had a deep and meaningful chat with her - and not before!

The lighting obviously different but I think that pulling those fibres into a thinner single makes the colours more muted, gentler somehow.  I like them both, but definately very different animals.

The dye lot is called Kizzie and is available on Etsy if you like it.  Thats all for now, just a quick one but I'll be back soon.



Lisa said...

It did inspire me, I am busily creating new shades for matching buttons! Your wool is beautiful. I love how you manage to capture so many tones and shades in it. It was lovely to meet you and hope to catch up again soon for more brain storming!

lazykate said...

I have a photo of a flower knitted up with your blue button in it and it looks perfect. I can't wait to show it here. Waiting for good light tomorrow afternoon, but I think you'll love it. The buttons are just wonderful