Saturday, 7 January 2012

Beekeepers Quilt for Leftover yarns

My favourite type of spinning is to a 4 ply, I find it easier to keep consistent, although when I have a lot to do I can start to lose the will to live half way through.  You know how it is, spinning a chunky yarn gives almost instant gratification.

So, when I have little bits and bobs of leftover fibres I almost always spin it to 4 ply, so I've decided to have a go at the wonderful Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits

I think that this would really suit all the little handspun 4ply leftovers that we have and make something very beautiful.  As I've said before on here, I really struggle with wanting to knit anything that's more difficult than knitting and purling and I think that's all that's used here.  AND it uses DPNs which I can't use either, so quite a big learning curve but because the hexagonals are quite small it should be do-able.  I'll be taking the pattern along the the Tuesday night Knit'n'natter to get started.

These are the yarns that I thought would go together quite well

I'll add more after I've finished these two.  If you fancy having a go yourself, here's a link to the Tiny Owl Knits Beekeepers Quilt

I had hoped to be posting some new dyed fibres but unfortunately I've been laid low with a stinker of a cold and am posting here with sudocrem on my top lip a la Adolf Hitler.  I'll hopefully be back up and dyeing on Monday

See you for now.

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