Monday, 3 October 2011

New Dyes and Moving House

I heard on the weather report that despite having some beautiful weather over the last few days, the North West is going to feel the effects of a hurricane coming over from the USA so I'm trying to get some dyeing done and drying before the weather turns.

There's a lot of teal about at the moment and it is a colour that I wouldn't normally wear but my friend Lenka bought me a lovely scarf and it completely changed my mind about it.  It's worth having someone elses opinion when it comes to colour, we can so easily get stuck in a rut over what colours suit us that we don't keep experimenting.

So, here's the latest dyes from my cauldrons - a teal, blue mix.  They are still in the pans while I'm posting and it does look like the teal has taken slightly lighter than I thought it would, but it's hard to tell at this stage.

I did a couple of experimental dyes last week, normally I'm a chuck it in and see kind of dyer (that's part of the appeal for me) but I mixed this particular dye in a jug before had to see if I liked the way it took.  It's a much gentle dye which I like and I think it has took in a more consistant way.  See what you think. The other one is my usual method and a much stronger dye with purples and blues.  Both of these fibres, which are Blueface Leicester are on my Etsy page, so if they are up your street, why not take a look.

I've been trying to find out the result of the World Record attempt in handspinning and can't find anything at all so if anyone knows any news can you let me know, I'd be very interested.

I'm also in the process of putting together a kit for the D'arcy Spice beret, so it's been photographed again here and will shortly be available on Etsy too.

It does seem weird with everything being so mild at the moment that cold weather is due for the end of the week - even frost, so with that in mind we have decided to move off the boat over the winter.  This is the view down our path at the moment

It's only October and already we are struggling with the mud, so we will be moving slowly over to a little rented house about 5 minutes away to avoid another freezing cold winter. We have friends (who are tougher than us) who are moving into the boat and taking care of our hens and duck so everything there will carry on as normal. 

It will be a novelty to have a washing machine - just there!  And a bath whenever we want, but I know we will miss the wildlife (saw a Cormorant this morning) and the peace and the freedom.  Still, can't have everything!  And they'll be pleased that I won't be treading mud through Knit-Wise anymore!!

See you soon



Misty Cottage Crafts said...

I was looking at Wingham Wool Works site the other day and on their home page they had info about the world record spinning attempt by Ruth. Check it out.
Loving the pinky purples and the teal pot.

lazykate said...

Thanks for the information, and sorry for the delay in replying, I'm still working out the new blogger interface. I'll post about it. Thanks for the feedback!