Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fame on sfeltaccessories blog!

Now we're all settled in to our new place and our friends are settled into the boat for the winter, I can get back onto more pressing matters - spinning!

Ann at sfeltaccessories has featured me in her blog.  I feel really honoured!  Take a look here -

Thanks Ann!

So here's what I've been up to:

I've finished some chunky spinning, I'd tried to do an eliza dye lot which is pictured first here, and in the middle of dyeing I realised one of my dyes was missing (I later found that I'd dropped it in the studio (shed)).  I went ahead with it anyway and it just shows you how different the dye lot turns out.
I realise that that is quite an obvious statement seeing as one of the dyes wasn't there!  Anyway although I was a little bit unsure of the new dye at first, I'm really pleased now it's all done.  The knitters at the knit'n'natter gave it the thumbs up and they are a very honest bunch.

Here it is in the pot

And here is the finished yarn in all its glory

I think I'll be using this particular yarn in the new beret kit.  It'll be nice to have an option of shades.
And this is what's on the bobbin at the moment, a lovely lilac/navy which I'm spinning thinly. This enables me to watch Strictly at the same time.

I've started from this week writing the blog for Knit-Wise, so I'll be trying my best not to get the two confused, have a look over there too if you want to see what's going on at our lys!

Off to the Lakes tomorrow, which is a sure sign for rain!


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