Thursday, 6 November 2008

Well we had our visit with the boat company last night and the boat is forecast for launch the middle of next week. It's really coming on now, we had a visit with the sign writer who was one of those extremely annoying people who can stuff really well. He stood there with his chalk and said 'What about this?', did a few strokes and squiggles and beautifully proportioned font was there on the side of the boat. I resisted the urge to stamp on his foot.

Yesterday I overdyed some tops that I had originally dyed a while ago. I love bold bright colours but whether this bright orange would appeal to people is debatable so I dyed it again with red and burgundy. I really like how it's turned out. The colour is deep and rich and I think much better. I'm still at the moment working my way through the blue, which is called Topsy and is delicate and subtle but I'm ready for a change to something more striking! You know how it is when you've been spinning the same colour for a while, you're desperate for a change.

I have to say that this picture is making the orange look slightly more appealing than it did, but I still love the deepness of that red. I can't wait to get spinning it.

Also, here are a few pics of close ups of the latest yarns. I love photographing like this, you can see the colour and shading so clearly - they're like jewels!

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