Monday, 3 November 2008

New Yarns

I've been updating my page on Ravelry, I've been amazed at the response to the D'arcy Spice Beret, it's fantastic and both me and Jinny (Jinny and I?) are very excited! It has spurred us on to get our other ideas going.

These photos here were taken by Mimi my daughter this morning in an attempt to drag her away from the Wii. I think she's done ok by all accounts. The top one, Topsy is a departure from the bold colours I usually use. I have to admit that when the tops were first dyed they looked pretty insipid to me. I almost overdyed them. Having spun it up though, I think it's come out in a pretty delicate shading and I'm really pleased. Just goes to show....

The bottom one is very bright indeed isn't it? I have ideas for it's use but I'll see if it sells. We could just use something bright, even if it is a substitute for the sun.

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