Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Inspiration 2

It's been a bit of a crazy bank holiday weekend and I'm surrounded by a million and one things that need doing (you know how it is) but I wanted to post some inspirational things that I've come across recently.  First is this quilt that I've been meaning to show for quite a while.

This quilt was a wedding present for Sam and Aime who married in October last year and moved onto our boat, saving us from another freezing winter in the process.  It was lovingly crafted by Jbid Neary, a close friend of theirs and keen knitter and spinner.  The finishing on it is so professional that I'm in awe every time I see it.

It's been lined and backed and in either corner there is an embroidered message,

I think it's the most romantic thing I've ever seen!  If I could stick it up my jumper and steal it, believe me I would!

I thought that the wool's that Jbid had used although not handspun would suit handspun down to the ground and we're always looking for ways to use up our little bits of yarn that are left.  So, this quilt is what led me to the Beekeeper's quilt which in turn led me to Myra of Knit-Wise's Baker's quilt, which is coming along nicely (slowly, with me being the slowest knitter in the West)

From this.....

to this.
You know, I'm not sure Jbid has anything to worry about in her World Quilt Domination, there's definitley a whole lot of work to do but I'm enjoying it.  And I believe that's what's it's all supposed to be about.

Second inspirational item comes from Carol Hodgson from Etsy.  She bought some of my Florence fibres, a Bluefaced Leicester/silk mix and has spun them up.  I've never spun this myself and I'm thrilled to bits how it looks.  Carol, obviously a very experience spinner has done a fantastic job


It's gorgeous non?  Well if you're inspired by Carol's inspiration, this yarn is for sale, it's called Lavender's Blue, 4ply yarn, enough for a shawlette for the summer, gloves, hat or scarf.  I'll be dyeing more fibres in BFL/silk for Carol so I'll be posting those too, can't wait to see how she spins that one up!


 So, if inspiration is slow in coming, remember that other people's is infectious, and that's what we need sometimes on a miserable Monday morning.  I'll just get the caffeine on and I'll be on my way!                                                                   

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