Monday, 19 December 2011

Fruit Cake & Baking Bread

We normally head off to Center Parcs at this time of year but as Mimi has started High School this year we thought we'd better be good and keep her in school.  So!  We've decided to have bonding days instead.  This Tuesday was bread baking and cake making.

I haven't posted a recipe on this blog before but this is a seriously good one, easy too.

Boil in the Pan Fruit Cake

Cooking Time  approx 1 1/4 hours

Oven Temp 150 electric  gas mark 2


4oz butter
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
2 cups self raising flour
at least 2 cups dried fruit
2 eggs

Put the butter, sugar, milk and fruit into a pan, melt it all together and then bring to the boil.  Let it boil for five minutes, stirring once or twice to mix.

Let it stand for 5 minutes.  Whisk the eggs, then alternatively add the flour and eggs to the pan and mix.

Line bread tin with greaseproof paper and put the mixture in, cover the top loosely with tin foil.

Cook for 1 hour then remove the foil and cook for approximately 15 minutes more.  Keep checking to see when it's ready.  Much will depend on the amount of fruit and your own oven.

Try not to make the mistake as I did a few weeks ago of adding the flour before you try to boil the mixture.  But! if you do, it's not the end of the world.  It tasted fine.

Note the carefully placed greaseproof paper. Are you worried Nigella?

Our bread making went something like this:
We used Nigella's bread recipe which uses half white bread flour and half wholemeal which produces a lighter loaf.  Not that my dad and me are competitive, but he was told about five years ago on a bread making course that he had made the best loaf.  Have I ever heard the last of it? 

So our loaves went something like this
Kneading the loaf.  He doesn't want to be pictured since that unfortunate incident in Lytham in 1967.
                                                           Loaf ready to be left to rise

My dad decided to go for the old boring tin method.  I have to say though with the sun shining through the window it's pretty enough to make the Hovis boy weep.  And it tasted good too.  
Slightly ashamed of my cow pat version, even with the sun on it.  Tasted great though!

I promise we'll be back to woolly things soon.

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