Thursday, 21 June 2012

Handspun for Embroidery

I'm always interested in, the newsletter run by Sheila Dixon that contains all the handspinning information that you'll ever need.  She manages to find all the little interesting nuggets from the web to keep all us handspinners up to speed.  This month was very interesting, being introduced to Liz from Dragonflylotus Handspun Thread, who spins handspun for embroidery.

I was first inspired to try spinning after attending a series of workshops by a textile artist in Liverpool called Ann McTavish, who is unfortunately no longer with us, and information about her and her incredible work is sparce on the internet.  There is one piece that I found, this work, called Redemption which is on display at the Liverpool Cathedral

 Ann's work used the most incredible yarns, and was the reason I wanted to create my own, so I'm really interested to see handspun used for embroidery  It's good for us all to keep our options open too, as spinners and remember that our yarns can be used in many different ways.

If you don't already subscribe to handspinner, then whyever not?  Here's the link

On the subject of using fibres in alternative ways, Sue Bentley from Lynwood Crafts on etsy is also a hand embroiderer and produces innovative and original wall hangings.  This particular hanging, Daisy Meadow, uses these Lazykate Hand dyed fibres in the sky. 


It's a really beautiful piece of work, using these Tabitha fibres

take a look at her work on etsy, I'm sure you'll find it inspiring.

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